About Sukhibhava

 CaptureggSukhibhava is a not for profit social enterprise based in Bangalore, India. Sukhibhava tackles contributing factors to gender inequality through provision of products and education that enable and empower women. Menstrual hygiene management is one of those factors and it is unfairly felt by the under privileged and urban poor. Sukhibhava holds education sessions and provides affordable menstrual hygiene products to urban poor women who previously did not have access due to economic or awareness factors.  A micro distribution business model has been developed where local entrepreneurial women will distribute and sell products. Sukhibhava operates on the premise of full life cycle products. This refers to both to concern for the environmental impact of the product as well as aiming to take the journey towards the adoption of new products and services with the customers it deals with.

unnamedSukhibhava was created in 2013 by Dilip Kumar as a flexible and innovative local social enterprise that aims to empower women through education and access to menstrual management choices that give greater freedom and control over their bodies and lives. The program delivers government schools, female dominated factories and urban slum communities awareness and education about menstrual health, as well as direct access to affordable products by trained locally based distributors who can provide continued support. There are 355 million menstruating women in India out of which just 12% are using sanitary napkins. Sukhibhava with his replicable distribution model aims to reach one million women by the end of five years.

1656217_10152375413529734_1005565819_nDilip Kumar has a Master’s degree in International Social Welfare and Social Policy from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK and worked for organizations like The AkshayaPatra Foundation, HelpAge India and Pollinate Energy. His passion for the home country is combined with an in-depth understanding of the social problems that are perpetrated by cultural norms and government inaction. This understanding has driven him to pursue social innovation as a non-dependent means to improve the outcomes of some of India’s poorest people. Dilip believes there some high quality products available in the market and is focused on developing a distribution model which can build a link between the manufacturers and urban poor women , while making these products more accessible and affordable.Dilip’s exposure with start-ups like Pollinate Energy and intense understanding of the lives of the urban poor ads on to the strengths of Sukhibhava in reaching the goal of improving the quality of lives of India’s urban poor women.

Our model: Sukhibhava works as an on-the-ground distributor. For each new location either school, factory or  a urban slum community Sukhibhava staff or trained partners begin a two week induction process and then a trial period of two months with follow ups. The first week is an awareness session, the second is an education and sales session. Follow ups are conducted fortnightly over the trial period in which more women can join at any time.


The awareness is done through a 20 minutes video-Mythri  an Animated video which the girls/women would be comfortable watching, and would have all the information and lessons we learnt to help others impart awareness. The video and all information provided is free of cost, so that the message spreads across easily and reaches anyone in need of such information.

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Our products are sourced from Bella Premier Happy Hygiene care Pvt Ltd. Bella is an international brand, manufacturing and distributing female hygiene products in various countries across the globe. Considering the social objective of Sukhibhava, Bella is providing their commercial napkins at a subsidized price making it affordable to the women Sukhibhava works with.

Our journey so far:

– Successfully trained and inducted four female micro entrepreneurs

– Improving  lives of 2350  urban poor women in Bangalore

– We are currently working with 69 BBMP(Bangalore council) health care centers.

– We are working with 12 Stree shakti self help groups

– We are working with government schools, colleges and also in talks with microfinance companies


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